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Healing Sick Houses Service

Geopathic Stress, otherwise known as negative earth energies, black streams or earth rays, have become acknowledged as a hazard to health.

We learned from the renowned healer Bruce MacManaway in 1980 how to heal the subtle environment, and have been developing the work ever since. We now include the detrimental effect of "presences" in any place that we treat and check other factors such as electrical and electromagnetic pollution. We now do all of the work from our home, as a form of distant spiritual healing, so we can help you wherever you live.

It would seem that human beings sensitive to such energies can be drained in body, mind and spirit by negative lines, rather like an electric battery can lose its power if there is a leak to earth, often when you are not aware of it (such as the boot light in your car staying on when the lid is shut).

Charging up the battery with healing at all levels will help, of course, but the energy will still go down again unless the leak is stopped, or better still reversed, to provide a positive charge.

You may be aware of places where you feel uplifted, and therefore on a positive line, as well as places where you feel drained and depleted.


Government-sponsored research in an Austrian hospital has shown marked differences in various physiological parameters between a person who had been in a room affected by geopathic stress for 15 minutes, and then in one not so affected for the same time. Some years ago dowsers traced some negative earth energies in a village on a small British island, and then asked the local G.P. to check his records for the number of inhabitants of homes on these lines who had suffered from degenerative diseases: every house on these black lines had a history of chronic illness and an unusually high number of cancer victims. Those are just two examples of many investigations into those effects, and you will find results of our research on this website (see our article & paper).   

Just as a doctor might concern himself with environmental health at a physical level- e.g. a sufferer with a lung complaint would be better away from factory and traffic fumes, so anyone seeking to improve their health needs to attend to the state of the earth energies at their home and place of work.

A feature of these subtler energies is that they can be healed, by changing the quality to positive, without expecting anyone to move house, or even their furniture. Our experience now encompasses many thousands of cases. We have been asked to give numerous talks and write sundry articles, and have published a book.


If you would like us to look into the healing of your place, we shall need to know your name and full postal address, and, briefly, something of the nature of your problem. There may be a need for permission from people other than yourself in certain circumstances . By dowsing we will then discover whether our kind of healing would be beneficial - and of course tell you if it would not. If it would, and you would like us to make healing corrections to the energies, we then ask you to send a simple sketch map of the ground floor of the place, set in its garden or immediate surroundings. You may send the sketch map with your initial enquiry if you prefer, but it might not be needed if there is nothing to be done!  We need it to be in proportion although not exactly to scale, but please do not add dimensions as this clutters up the pictur, and too much detail makes it difficult for us to “see” the energy lines.  Computerised drawings are not best suited for this work; we prefer hand drawn if possible please.  If you need to photograph the plan please make sure it is very well lit, and taken from directly above, not at an angle. It can be scanned in as a pdf and sent to us via e.mail if that is convenient for you.  Otherwise sending by ordinary post is fine.


Healing will be done here at our home, in one of our special healing sessions. We will check that everything remains positive a day or two later, and report to you. Then we will keep a regular monthly check on your situation for a year, and do any additional work if it becomes required (we find this in less than 1% of cases), After that year we need you to ask if you think more is needed, and we will do a special check any time if you ask.


We request donations for dowsing and/or healing work rather than a fee, partly because we are doing it from the perspective of Spiritual Healers. We do need to ask for some recompense for the time and expertise we deploy for you, as this has to be part of our living. We are Senior Citizens with pension problems beyond our control. People for whom we do this work pay us something within their means which represents the value they put on it, and we cannot judge these factors for you !   We want everyone to benefit, even if they can afford very little.  Those who can afford more make up for the smaller amounts.  It always costs to have somebody “fix” something in your home.  We do not offer a guideline sum, or the “average donation”, because that would defeat the intention !  We have gratefully received anything from £5 to £500 and more. The amount has to be up to you.  Please make any cheques payable to "Roy & Ann Procter". Thank you. 

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