Healing Sick Houses
Dowsing for Healthy Homes

Ann & Roy Procter

Roy G. Procter
C.Eng F.R.Ae.S.
Ann Procter
U.K.C.P. (retd)

Both registered with:

  • The British Society of Dowsers
  • The National Federation of Spiritual Healers
Our Book "Healing Sick Houses, Dowsing for Healthy Homes"
Published by Gateway, an imprint of Gill & Macmillan.
(ISBN 0 7171 2992 6)

The Book is an account of the various background events, developments and examples as we progress in our healing work. It includes a number of stories from clients, a dowsing lesson, material on dealing with 'presences', the importance of protection, and some details of our research project. Plus a good bibliography.

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Roy & Ann Procter

Coombe Quarry, Keinton Mandeville, Somerton, Somerset. TA11 6DQ.

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