Healing Sick Houses
Dowsing for Healthy Homes

Ann & Roy Procter

Roy G. Procter
C.Eng F.R.Ae.S.
Ann Procter
U.K.C.P. (retd)

Both registered with:

  • The British Society of Dowsers
  • The National Federation of Spiritual Healers
Both Roy and Ann are very experienced dowsers and healers. They have been teaching these subjects since 1980 and have responded to over 10,000 requests for their Healing Sick Houses service.


"Healing Sick Houses, Dowsing for Healthy Homes"  
An evaluation of the health effects of healing sick houses
Article on our Healing Sick Houses research published in "Dowsing Today"
Interview with us about our work
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Roy & Ann Procter

Coombe Quarry, Keinton Mandeville, Somerton, Somerset. TA11 6DQ.

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